Enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, impressive rocky cliffs and white sand coves.

The beaches on the north west coast of Scotland are breathtaking in their rugged beauty, with looming cliff faces, white sand and turquoise, crystal clear water. There are many gorgeous spots within driving distance from Kyelsku hotel, but here are a few of our favourites. Remember, our staff are always on hand to give you a one to one maps sessions to help you plan your day and get the most out of your visit.

Sandwood Bay:

Perfect for a full day’s outing, as it is necessary to walk 4 miles along a moorland track before reaching the bay- but it is well worth it! Hailed by some as the best beach in Britain, this is a must visit if you’re in the area.


Not far from Sandwood, but much more accessible, Oldshoremore is a beautiful narrow stretch of beach. Walking along, you will reach a rocky peninsula ,known as Eilean na h-Aiteig, which leads to another beach- Polin. Oldshoremore has public conveniences in the car park, and is a “busier” beach, due to its ease of access. Don’t let that put you off- by busy we mean at east another 10 people on the whole beach on the hottest days of the year.


A bit further north, in Durness, you will find some more gorgeous beaches, including Balnakeil Bay. Most noticeable about the beach is the sand dunes along the bay, as well as the spectacular sunsets that can be witnessed here. Be sure to stop into Cocoa Mountain for a hot chocolate and some truffles on your way home!


One of the beaches you’ll find along the Drumbeg coastal route (read more about that here), Achmelvich Bay is popular for fishing, windsurfing and hiking- so there is definitely something for everyone. A short distance from Lochinver, so be sure to buy a pie from the famous pie shop to eat on the beach!