Meet the people who supply our local food

Are you a passionate local food producer?  We would love to hear from you!

A few gorgeous lettuce heads, some free range eggs… All will be welcome.

Give Jo a call on 01971 502 231


Pete & Gill Tuck from Croft 16 in Scourie

They are growing some of our beautiful leaves & some succulent vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, beetroot & spinach.

They will be very happy to show you around their croft.


John Ross – Mussel man

John, head of the Laxford Seafood Company, has a mussel farm on Glendhu and various other local sites along the North West Coast of Scotland. The mussels are rope grown and whenever possible we try to get our mussels from “oor Loch”!

Helen & Graham – Split Rock Croft Pork

They rear free range Tamworth pigs on the Stoer Peninsula, 15 miles away from the hotel.  They run their own very successful B&B as well as running the croft.