General assistant

Denise is our indispensable general assistant, fixer and amazing dynamo.

Originally from Devon, she first came to Kylesku when her father ran a hotel here. She began waiting tables at the age of eight, and has worked at Kylesku Hotel since 1998, before the days of Tanja and Sonia. She’s a great source of stories from Kylesku history, with personal highlights including a trip on the Duke of Westminster’s yacht from the slipway.

You’ll most likely meet her at breakfast – always ready to poke fun at guests and owners alike! Proud mum of two Border Terriers, Whisky and Skipper.

Kylesku in three words

A hidden pearl.

Favourite place near Kylesku Hotel

The River Laxford. Love taking my dogs for a walk along the banks, watch the fish jumping, the birds and Whisky swimming after the fish jumping.

Favourite free-time activity

Making things and watching people’s face when you give it to them.

Insider tip

Enjoy the great place you are working in – the mountains, beaches and wildlife around you.


I’m part of the woodwork. I always say, ‘You bought me and they threw the hotel in for nothing.’

Loch Laxford sunset
Loch Laxford, Sutherland.