Staff experience: a summer at Kylesku

21 July 2019
In the dining room at Kylesku Hotel, Restaurant & Bar. Highland country hotel, Scotland

We spoke to Morgane, who worked with us as a general assistant for the summer season.

How long were you at Kylesku?

I was in Kylesku for about 4 months from May to September.

What did you expect before you got here?

I was expecting it to be in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the wilderness. I was very curious and excited about what I was going to learn.

How did Kylesku meet your expectations and how was it different to what you expected?

I met so many different personalities and people. I was able to learn how to adapt to different situations. All my objectives were met, and on top of that I got to make friends.

What were your favourite aspects of working here?

It’s a demanding and busy schedule. but I feel like it’s quite easy to adapt to. It becomes a routine, but nothing is always the same. I loved being always in action or having things to do around the restaurant. I loved the people I worked with and the different types of customers I got to meet (and the dogs). I loved the location, even though it’s a bit hard to access, the views are fantastic.

What were the most challenging aspects of living here?

Like I said, it’s in the middle of nowhere, so one of the most challenging things in Kylesku is the isolation.

What did you learn at Kylesku about the area/food /job?

I learnt quite a lot about the area and where the food comes from. I learnt the different ways to fish lobsters, spineys, langoustines and crabs. I saw where the meat came from, and where the different crofts are on the map. Things to see as well, like the different beaches and Cocoa Mountain.

What would you say to people who are thinking of moving here to work?

To people who would like to move to Kylesku, I would probably say “go ahead”. It’s a wonderful experience, and spectacular views that you won’t be able to see elsewhere. Not only is the location gorgeous, but work is good as well!