Coigach half marathon

Aug 2, 2023

Highland Coast Hotel’s team joins the Geopark runners in a marathon for a cause

On Saturday October 7, 2023, some of our Highland Coast Hotels team will join the Geopark Runners in the popular Coigach half marathon for a great cause!

The Geopark Runners are taking part to support the North West Highlands Geopark and its communities.

Have a look at their fundraising page.

What is the Coigach half marathon?

The Coigach half marathon is an annual race that takes place in the stunning Scottish Highlands. The course runs through the picturesque village of Achiltibuie and surrounding hills, offering stunning views of the landscape. The race covers 13.1 miles and is open to runners of all levels.

The Coigach half marathon is an exciting event that combines fitness, adventure, and community support. By joining the Geopark runners and taking part in the marathon, runners not only challenge themselves physically but also contribute to a worthy cause that benefits the environment and the local communities.

The Highland Coast Hotel’s team joins the cause

As a proud member of the local community, the Highland Coast Hotels is always on the lookout for opportunities to support good causes. When we learned about the Coigach half marathon and the North West Highlands Geopark’s efforts to promote sustainable tourism and protect the natural beauty of our region, we knew we wanted to get involved.

While the marathon will be a physical challenge for us, we know that the real work lies in the fundraising efforts. We’ve been reaching out to our friends, family members, and colleagues to help us reach our goal, and we’re overwhelmed by the support we’ve received so far.

We believe that every little bit helps, and we’re proud to be doing our part to support the Geopark and the communities it serves.

The Geopark’s mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the geological heritage of the area while also fostering sustainable tourism and community development. The funds raised through the Coigach half marathon will be used to support the Geopark’s various programs, including educational initiatives and conservation efforts.

You can find out more and register here.

Overall, the Coigach half marathon is a great way to challenge yourself physically while also making a positive impact on the community and environment. So join the Geopark runners, including the Highland Coast Hotel’s team, and make a difference in the North West Highlands.

What to expect on race day

As the 7th of October draws nearer, excitement is building among the Geopark runners and their supporters for the Coigach half marathon. Runners and volunteers will gather in the scenic village of Achiltibuie to take part in the 13.1-mile race along the winding coastal roads of Coigach.  Registration is from 11am to 12.30pm.

Expect to see a diverse range of participants, from seasoned runners to first-timers, all coming together for a common goal. The race will start at 1pm sharp, so be sure to arrive early to check in and get settled. As you run, you’ll take in breathtaking views of the sea, mountains, and moorland that make this region so special.

Along the route there are plenty of hydration stations to keep you going and after crossing the finish line, participants can head to the village hall for post run refreshments.

Not only is the Coigach half marathon an exciting challenge for runners, but it’s also a chance to support the North West Highlands Geopark and its communities. Every participant is making a difference by contributing to the Geopark’s efforts to promote sustainable tourism and preserve the natural beauty of the area.

Image credit: Tim Hamlet

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