Top reasons to visit the Scottish Highlands

Jan 3, 2022

There’s so much to see in Scotland, from the bustling city of Glasgow, to the historic streets of Edinburgh and the idyllic, traditional islands. However, in our opinion, there’s no place like the Scottish Highlands.

It’s hard to whittle down the reasons as to what makes it so special, but we’ve decided to give it our best shot. So, here are our top reasons as to why we think everyone should visit the Scottish Highlands at least once:

  1. The breath-taking landscapes
  2. Our famous local food and drink
  3. Adventurous walks and hikes
  4. Unforgettable road trips
  5. Plenty of outdoor activities
  6. Thriving wildlife
  7. Highland hospitality

Scottish Scenery

Now we may be a little biased, but we like to think that the Highlands is one of the most beautiful places in Scotland.

We’ve always said, there’s something about the Highland landscape that gives people a real sense of peace and freedom. Far away from the bustling cities of central Scotland, people have the time to stop and truly take in the breath-taking scenery around them.

From the dramatic peaks, to our beautiful ancient lochs and white sand beaches (you don’t always have to travel to the Caribbean to get those), our Scottish Highland landscapes are truly a sight to behold.

A beach along the Scottish coastline
A plate of fish and chips from Kylesku Hotel

Local Food and Drink

Fancy a glass of whisky? You’ve come to the right place. Scottish whisky is regarded as some of the best in the world and we’ve got it all right here in the Highlands. There’s nothing quite like ending a busy day of sightseeing with a smooth glass of single malt.

If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, there’s plenty of Scottish gins, beers and wines to choose from as well. And a hot cup of hot tea with a slice of tablet never goes a miss either.

Speaking of food, you need to try some of our famous local dishes. At Kylesku hotel we serve award-winning, fresh local seafood straight from Loch Glendhu. Our fish and chips are a fan favourite, so much so that we’ve converted a few seafood haters in our time.

Other traditional Scottish dishes to try are Cullen Skink, Stovies and Haggis.

Walking and Hillwalking

As we said before, the Scottish landscape is a unique beauty and there’s no better way to explore it than on your own two feet.

There’s an abundance of walks available, suitable for all levels. Enjoy some gentle costal walks or conquer a Munro – the world’s your oyster!

Some of our favourite walks in North-West Scotland are the North of Oldshoremore Beach Loop for a peaceful dander on an isolated beach, and Suilven hike (the most famous mountain in Assynt) for some spectacular views.

A view of Suilven hike, a mountain in the Scottish Highlands
An aerial view of the Kylesku Bridge in the Scottish Highlands

Unforgettable Road Trips

If walking isn’t quite your thing, we’ve got some world-famous drives as well. The North Coast 500 cannot be missed. Go on an epic road trip and venture through the small winding roads through iconic landscapes, mountains, lochs, castles, untouched wilderness and more!

Outdoor Activities

There’s plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed by families and singles alike. On top of the epic hikes we’ve mentioned, you can go mountain biking, cycling, golfing, fishing, kayaking, horse riding and more.

Once things for certain, you’ll never be bored in the Highlands!

Three people kayaking in the Scottish Highlands
A deer grazing on the grass in the Scottish Highlands

Bustling Local Wildlife

The Scottish Highlands are a nature lovers dream. Far away from metropolitan towns and cities, our local wildlife thrives all year round.

North-West Scotland is famous for bird watching with Puffins, Golden Eagles and Herons making a regular appearance. There’s also plenty of seals and you may even be lucky enough to catch some wales and dolphins if you take a boat trip. On dryer land you will catch regular sightings of deer and maybe even a highland cow if you’re lucky!

Highland Hospitality

Last but not least, is our famous Highland Hospitality. Scotland prides itself on its people and we like to think we have some of the best of them in the Highlands.

In the absence of cities, we’ve formed very tight knit communities, but we will always be sure to welcome in new visitors with open arms.

At Kylesku Hotel our mission is to offer all guests a warm welcome and an experience they will never forget. If you’re visiting the North West Coast, make sure to book a night in our award-winning hotel. Like we said, everyone (even your dog) is welcome.

Guests sitting in the restaurant of Kyleksu Hotel having a coffee
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