Why you need to visit Scotland in Autumn

Aug 25, 2022

The beauty of Scotland is that every season offers a fresh new landscape, full of renewed sights and experiences. Autumn in Scotland is no different. Every year the busy summer season draws to a close and in its wake a new, vibrant, yet quiet, setting emerges full of stunning autumnal colours, delicious produce, thriving wildlife and much more.

There are so many advantages to visiting us in the cooler seasons. Keep reading to find out more and you might just find yourself booking a Highland escape in Scotland this Autumn.

Vibrant autumnal colours

As we’ve said, the landscape in Scotland is ever changing and each season offers new breath-taking views. In Autumn, the leaves on the trees turn from vibrant green to golden shades of orange. As the months goes on, the trees begin to lose their leaves making way for golden led pathways for you to hike or wander along.

A view of the Highland Landcape showing all the colours of Scotland in Autumn

Plenty of outdoor activities

Don’t be fooled into thinking you will be stuck inside all day if you visit Scotland in Autumn, there are still plenty of outdoor activities for you to explore. Why not arrange a photography workshop with our local photographer Chris Puddephatt? The vibrancy of the landscape makes this season a photographer’s dream and Chris will teach you how to get the best out of your camera and capture the golden hues of the local beauty spots. Or why not explore the great outdoors by foot, bike or car – you can choose your mode of transport based on your own ability and/ or the weather! We have the North Highlands Geopark right on our doorstep where you can wander through the lesser travelled roads to find remote communities and hidden beauty spots, or you can travel through time on the ancient Coigach Geotrail. Charter your own route on the numerous local cycling trails or speak to a member of our team to arrange guided one day walking tours in and around the nearby fishing village of Ullapool. Visit our experiences section today to find out more about the Autumn adventures that await you.
A group of sheep walking through the Highlands during Autumn
A group of people hiking through Scotland in autumn
October brings a range of amazing new local wildlife for you to enjoy. If you’re a fan of birdlife this is the perfect time of year to visit as the sound of geese can be heard for miles, as they flock south to avoid the harsher Norwegian climate. Back on land you can enjoy the deer rutting season as you hear the clashing of antlers and echoing roars of stags bouncing off the glens. You may even be lucky enough to spot one or two if you’re quiet enough when wandering through woodland trails. There is all of this and more to discover. In fact, the only wildlife that you might find missing is the midges, as they die off in the colder months, and we don’t think anyone will be complaining about that!
A deer standing on the grass
A plate of seasonal seafood available at Kylesku Hotel
Autumn in Scotland also brings a host of delicious seasonal foods. Apples, pears and plums are at their juiciest and make delicious jams, desserts or even just healthy snacks. Lamb is also at its most tender at this point in the year which is perfect for enjoying a cosy roast dinner or Sunday lunch by a roaring fire, topped off with a dram of whisky. Lastly, October is oyster season so there’s no better time to be adventurous and try this delicious Scottish delicacy. Visit our award-winning seafood restaurant to taste our Highland oysters, sourced sustainably and straight from the local fishing boats.
Perhaps most of all, visiting Scotland in Autumn gives you the best chance to gain an authentic Highland experience. As the summer tourist season ends, the Highlands returns to its remote state. With mostly just us Scots left, you will get the chance to experience Scotland and the Highlands like a local and find out what truly makes our country special. So, check our room availability today and start planning your Autumn break in Scotland today.
A landscape of the Scottish Highlands during Autumn
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